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Aromatherapy candles are a natural remedy that embraces the healing qualities of essential oils obtained from plants. When these candles are lit, the release of essential oil uplifts mood, encourage relaxation, and nurture overall well-being naturally. This natural approach stands in contrast to pharmaceutical drugs, as it offers these benefits without the potential side effects often linked to medication, making it a gentle and harmonious path to better health.

natural remedy


Catnip, in herbalism is categorised as a ''nervine herb'', interacts with the nervous system. Its historical application in herbal medicine involves soothing restlessness, nervousness, and various nervous disorders. 

nervine herb


Our candles are crafted from natural soy wax, a safe, plant-based option opposite to well known paraffin candles which emit chemicals like benzene, worsen air quality, and create lung-irritating soot, affecting both cats and humans. Cats, sensitive to smells, are especially affected. Choosing cat-safe candles is crucial for the well-being of both pets and humans. We use cat-safe essential oils too, steering clear of any synthetic additives. This is especially important because certain essential oils are toxic to cats. 

plant based & non-toxic


Catnip can have a calming effect on cats too. Initially, when cats engage with catnip, they may become hyperactive, but this is usually followed by a period of relaxation. The playful burst of energy is often succeeded by a contented phase, which can help alleviate anxiety in cats. However, when using essential oil candles rather than the herb itself, cats can experience relaxation right away. This means that both you and your feline companion can enjoy a relaxing experience together from the start!

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